Generating ideas: The power of the 5 senses

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Last update : August 17, 2018


We make little use of our organs of perception. Yet they are the key to our imagination.

How to use our sensory perception as a tool for transforming products and services.


In our material world, sensory perception is key. Sensory analysis laboratories look for ways to impact our senses to differentiate, create desire, retain our attention: the sound of the car door, the blend of hot/cold in the mouth, gimmicks, recognition colors...

Let's deploy our capacities to enrich the existing ones with new senses that are more adapted, more relevant, more rewarding or simply more respectful.

A few tips: 

  • Dare to use all the senses 
  • Appropriate your sensoriality to make the best use of it
  • To exceed the conventional limits in your suggestions in the exploration phase, the sorting will be done afterwards on the basis of criteria chosen according to the goal of the research
  • Name your ideas aloud, while registering them or proposing them to the group via your post-it notes.



Appropriate your 5 senses

Draw each of your 5 senses, hearing, smell, touch, sight, taste in your own way. Look for images representing your 5 senses. Take photos of each of the sensory organs to activate your senses...


Building your "Sensorialization" chart

Draw a table with 5 columns each bearing the name of the sense concerned + 1 wider column mixing the 5 senses. Paste under the name of the sense, the marks chosen in the previous step. Plan at the top of your table a place to write the name of the object, subject, behaviors, process... (everything is sensorializable).

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