Generating ideas: Unexpected meeting

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Last update : August 16, 2018


How to go further than the ideas resulting from a brainstorming session, which are often limited to promote the real construction of ideas.


This technique allows new ideas to be found and facilitates divergence (openness, absence and meandering of the mind).

It simply completes the brainstorming or mental map that opens the doors to "creative challenges" that lead to innovation.


1. Invites you to go outside the conventional verbal language

2. Multi-language, it combines elements from different universes

3. Stimulates the imagination necessary for innovation.



Choose the subject, the object

Determine the subject, the question, the problem,... From which you want to find ideas for transformations, answers, suggestions... Write it very roughly on a board so that the whole group can see it and read it aloud.


Choose unlikely dating partners (unexpected)

Each member of the team comes to the meeting with a picture, an object, a book, that he or she likes and is rather unusual. They then become partners in improbable encounters of the subject to be treated.

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