Generating ideas: destroying to build

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Last update : August 15, 2018


You believe that the world is immutable.

You think that since "it worked, it will always work", but that is not the case.

You don't want to make what you created disappear. But... everything changes!


I invite you to destroy, destructure, transform... to open up to new ways of thinking or current realities (products, services, methods...).

This approach is particularly interesting in terms of product development, but also in terms of organisational methods, information media and methods, and processes.

Some tips to make this practice a success

- Prepare before the questioning adapted to your subject.

- Multiply the questions and apply as many distortion verbs as possible.

- Determine at the outset your criteria for selecting the ideas that will be proposed.



Choose and make visible the types of distorsion

Determine the object of your research and define with the group the most relevant actions to work on your subject such as:

  • Substitute,
  • Combine,
  • Adapt,
  • Change,
  • Use Otherwise,
  • Eliminate
  • Etc,

Write your subject in the following way: "how to..." Display the verbs and questions associated with each verb.


Ask questions with SUBSTITUTE

Who else?

What else?

What other tools, materials, processes, locations, resources or approaches are available?

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