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Clarifying: Zeus' gaze

Crée par : Les 7 Sens
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Dernière mise à jour : 13 août 2018

We all have the tendency of looking for ideas, solutions or alternatives... head down without taking the time to know if our research is clear. We are even surprised of not being satisfied with our solutions.

Clarify what you are looking for before you start looking for ideas and solutions.

Your challenge, your quest will be more effective.

Here's a creative way to do it. There are others under the heading "clarifying" (at OpenDecide).

Combine them to enrich your way of thinking.

Some tips to make this practice a success

- Be in deep agreement with this approach to accompany the team.

- Your conviction will rub off on the group.

- Make a list of archetypal characters that you can use later.


Find your characters

Make a list with the participants of the group that includes real characters, living or not, or imaginary ones that could bring an interesting shift to your subject. For example: - Zeus (mythology) - Alexander the Great (reference from another time) - child (other age) - extraterrestrial (other world).


Merge with the characters

Invite the participants to close their eyes, breathe calmly, while imagining themselves in the skin, the vision, the way of being of one of the characters they have chosen.


Express yourself through the voice of the character

Invite everyone to formulate the problem with the words, energy, representations... of their character.


Welcome the new proposals

Notice the different wording proposals. Identify similarities and differences between formulations.


Reformulate the problem

Decide together on the formulation that will form the foundation of a possible "creative challenge". Write it associating to it the key selection criterions, if they emerge, which will be useful for future research.


Choose and keep the formulations

Save some interesting formulations for further research.

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