Buffer "Daily Pair Call"

Created by : Buffer
Last update : August 13, 2018


Buffer doesn't have a headquarter. Its teams are distributed all over the planet. With employees in several countries, continents and time zones, "physical" meetings are difficult. Members' trust and psychological safety can quickly fade away due to lack of physical contact. Buffer therefore had to find a way to ensure that team members remained in contact with each other in a sustainable way.


Buffer's experience has shown that having face-to-face meetings (even if it's by videoconference) is key in managing a remote team. Their solution was to create "Buffer Daily Pair Call" to maintain team cohesion.




Establish pairs or duos

Each week, an algorithm on an Excel file allows to randomly link 2 team members for each day of the week. On Sunday or Monday, each team member receives an alert via a Google Doc giving them the name of their partner for each day of the week.


Set a videoconference time

The two members will have to agree on times when they can talk via videoconference.

Every day, each pair spends 10-20 minutes talking about the work for the day and their personal improvement goals, using Swiggle (the videoconferencing tool).


Buffer programme et automatise le partage de contenu sur les réseaux sociaux.
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