Hold individual meetings with your employees every 2 weeks

Created by : Buffer
Last update : August 13, 2018


Individual annual interviews were seen as a source of stress by managers and employees at Buffer. Employees, like managers, found it particularly difficult to remember the work done during the entire year. In addition, the interview was quickly moving towards a "scoring" exercise without touching on the most important topics.


At Buffer, they have discarded their annual interviews to set up a continuous performance assessment. The individual interview was transformed into a 70-minute individual meeting every 2 weeks.



Before starting the interview

The golden rule of an individual interview at Buffer is to understand that the meeting is for the employee and not for the manager.

In practice, the individual interview is structured so as to leave 85% of the discussion time to the employee.

The employee is free to decide the content. The manager will help the employee expressing his/her words by asking him questions and simply listening to him/her.


10 minutes to share and celebrate last week's results

Most of the time, the meeting starts with the question, "How did last week go?"

The answers can be both "personal" and "professional".

Buffer has established 2 rules:

  1. There is no small victory!
  2. No complacency: In other words, if the employee says "I think I could have been better at it", don't say "No, it was good" but rather "It's interesting! and "I understand what you mean, what would you have done differently?"


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