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Buffer’s Culture Code

Crée par : Buffer
Bibliothèque : Buffer (publique)
Dernière mise à jour : 20 août 2018

When Buffer reached 9 or 10 employees, Julien Gascoigne began to confront the problems of group dynamics.

At that time, he became interested in the company's culture. It was by watching an interview with Tony Hsieh from Zappos that Julien decided to make the group's values and culture explicit in writing. So, he wrote a set of values grouped together in a Culture Code for Buffer.




Cultivate development and positivity

  • You approach things in an optimistic and positive way.
  • You never criticize or condemn team members or users.
  • You never complain.
  • You let others save their honor, even if they are clearly wrong.
  • You express your gratitude with sincerity.

Default to transparency

  • You are proud when you have the opportunity to share our beliefs, mistakes, strengths and decisions.
  • You use transparency as a tool to help others.
  • You express your thoughts immediately and honestly.
  • You share information as early as possible in the decision-making process to avoid "big revelations".

Focus on personal development

  • You are aware of your productivity and development levels, and make continuous efforts to improve them.
  • You expect more from yourself than Buffer does for you.
  • You do things regularly and deliberately to get out of your comfort zone.
  • You practice activities and develop habits that improve mind and body.

Act without ego

  • You don't get personally attached to ideas.
  • You let others take possession of your best ideas.
  • You approach your creative thinking with the question "What can I do right now?"
  • You're humble.
  • You only put your code online when you think it is the best time, regardless of the activity on the site.

Listen first, then listen more

  • You seek to understand, then to be understood.
  • You focus on listening rather than responding.
  • You consider everything an assumption and you know you can be wrong.
  • You are more suggestive than instructive by replacing words like "I'm sure" or "it's always..." with "I think..." or "it's possible that...".

Be clear in your communication

  • You speak, program, design and write clearly instead of trying to sound intelligent.
  • You communicate in excess, repeat things more than once and more than you instinctively would have done.
  • You use more words to explain, even though it may seem obvious.
  • You don't make assumptions, you ask additional questions to get the big picture.

Take time to reflect on yourself

  • You set aside time to think about yourself, because that's how life changes happen.
  • You evaluate and think calmly about work discussions.
  • You find time to "jump out of the trench" into a "thought level that will shake you"
  • You understand the virtues of patience and that it's a muscle you need to train.

Live smarter, not harder

  • You think it's better to work rested than to work a lot when you're tired.
  • You always try to be 100% in your activities or in your rest.
  • You organize your tasks as you wish in your day
  • You are at your best when you focus on improving your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energies.
  • You choose to be in the only place on Earth where you are happiest and most productive, and you are not afraid to look for where it might be.

Show gratitude

  • You stop regularly and you are grateful for the situation with the team.
  • You are grateful for the work the team members do to move the business forward and help you move forward faster.
  • You approach conversations with clients with humility and knowing that it is a privilege to serve them.
  • You are grateful for the open source platforms, tools and resources that form the foundation of the company: "I saw further than others because I perched on the shoulders of giants.

Do the right thing

  • You choose what is good for customers and society over the long term.
  • You correct mistakes when no one else had seen them.
  • You work to provide the best solutions, even if it pushes back financial gains for the company.
  • You're excited about helping others.
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