Buffer’s Culture Code

Created by : Buffer
Last update : August 20, 2018


When Buffer reached 9 or 10 employees, Julien Gascoigne began to confront the problems of group dynamics.


At that time, he became interested in the company's culture. It was by watching an interview with Tony Hsieh from Zappos that Julien decided to make the group's values and culture explicit in writing. So, he wrote a set of values grouped together in a Culture Code for Buffer.





Cultivate development and positivity

  • You approach things in an optimistic and positive way.
  • You never criticize or condemn team members or users.
  • You never complain.
  • You let others save their honor, even if they are clearly wrong.
  • You express your gratitude with sincerity.


Default to transparency

  • You are proud when you have the opportunity to share our beliefs, mistakes, strengths and decisions.
  • You use transparency as a tool to help others.
  • You express your thoughts immediately and honestly.
  • You share information as early as possible in the decision-making process to avoid "big revelations".


Buffer programme et automatise le partage de contenu sur les réseaux sociaux.
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