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Sharing "Daily Routines" collectively

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Dernière mise à jour : 12 août 2018

Buffer is a company whose teams are scattered across the globe. It can be difficult to work and achieve coordination when employees are in different parts of the world. That is why, to help its collaborators, the company collected its teams’ best practices to help all its members find the best habits to work remotely.

Team members shared how they personally structure their days to make them more productive and creative.




Start the day with a routine

Some examples of members’ routines:


  • Joel (CEO) wakes up early to feel in control of where he directs his life.
  • Kevan (Marketing Lead) starts his day with a task list prepared the day before.
  • Alfred (content crafter) follows circadian rhythms.

Sort tasks according to energy

Members realized that it was easier to assess variations in energy rather than time to organize tasks.


For example, workers will reserve their afternoons for interviews, phone calls or emails when they know they have more energy to be creative in the mornings.


Prioritize your tasks

Some examples:


  • Jordan (iOS Dev): there are 2 questions: Where will I work today? and What will I focus on today?
  • Mike (Customer Researcher): he takes on the biggest, most daunting task first.
  • Stephanie (Life Saver/Ops): she performs 2 actions: evaluate her energy levels according to her ability to do; and select tasks based on this assessment.
  • Hailley (PR Specialist): Only 3-5 priorities in a week and 3-5 tasks in a day.

Disable notifications

Buffer advises its teams to disable notifications on their phones and computers to avoid disruption.


Setting reminders and creating to-do lists

Here are some examples of how to organize tasks within the team:

  • Use task management software.
  • Use the combination calendar + Trello to block time and set reminders for tasks in the calendar and track goals in Trello.
  • Use a notebook to physically record tasks.
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