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Getting your hair done during working hours

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Here is a practice to set up in a sustainable way a hairdressing service for your teams. This practice is a simple way to: express your interest in the personal success or well-being of your team members; save time and energy.


Test the request with your teams

The objective of the survey is to test the demand for a hairdressing service on working hours. Create an online survey at


Are you interested in a barber/hairdresser service during working hours?

How much would you be willing to pay for this service?


If more than 60% of the responses are “yes”, the service will be reliable and durable.


Obtain validation from the HR department

Send an email to the Director of HR using the following template:


Hello[First name],


I am currently improving the quality of management with new practices. I would like to test a hairdressing service on working hours to improve the performance and well-being of my teams.


The goal would be to assess the feasibility and need at the employee level. I have prepared a survey below:


[Insert survey link]


If more than 60% of the responses are “yes”, I thought I would use the Bigoudy startup (see attached brochure). What do you think of that?




Launch team survey

We advise you to launch the survey on Monday at 15:00 to get the maximum number of responses as quickly as possible. In general, a good trend emerges after 2 days.


Good morning, everyone,


We would like to test the implementation of a hairdressing service on working hours. 


Before going any further, we would like to hear from you. Can you answer the following survey? If more than 60% of you are OK with it, we will study the implementation. 


Here is the link to the survey[Poll Link] 


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me.


See you soon,




Analyze the survey

If more than 60% of the answers are “yes”, it can be interesting for you to implement the service. Otherwise, you may consider that it will run out of steam quickly and that it is not worth putting the energy in it.


Contact the Bigoudy platform

Send an email to Bigoudy startup's event service. specifying that you come from the OpenDecide platform (to get a discount on the service):


Hello[First name],


I found your contact via the OpenDecide platform.


Can you contact me to discuss setting up a hairdressing service for my department/company?




Launch the service with an event

Start the service with a free hairdressing event in your company to generate excitement in the teams. Don't forget to be there on D-Day. This will allow you to associate the launch with your person and collect feedback.


Test satisfaction the day after the event

Consolidate team recognition by evaluating the quality of the service in your Team Meeting or by doing a new survey the day after the launch.


Here are some examples of questions you can ask:

Are you satisfied with the service?

What did you think of the barber?

Have you encountered any problems? (Hours, Quality)

Should we maintain the service?

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