Getting your hair done during working hours

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Last update : August 12, 2018


Here is a practice to set up in a sustainable way a hairdressing service for your teams. This practice is a simple way to: express your interest in the personal success or well-being of your team members; save time and energy.



Test the request with your teams

The objective of the survey is to test the demand for a hairdressing service on working hours. Create an online survey at


Are you interested in a barber/hairdresser service during working hours?

How much would you be willing to pay for this service?


If more than 60% of the responses are “yes”, the service will be reliable and durable.


Obtain validation from the HR department

Send an email to the Director of HR using the following template:


Hello[First name],


I am currently improving the quality of management with new practices. I would like to test a hairdressing service on working hours to improve the performance and well-being of my teams.


The goal would be to assess the feasibility and need at the employee level. I have prepared a survey below:


[Insert survey link]


If more than 60% of the responses are “yes”, I thought I would use the Bigoudy startup (see attached brochure). What do you think of that?



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