Explaining the meaning of the activity

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Last update : August 9, 2018


"I don't know why we're doing this!" Your team seems to lose motivation? Loss of motivation is often linked to a lack of meaning in work. Here is a simple practice you can implement to improve this situation.



Hold a meeting with your team "because"

Hold a meeting dedicated to the topic. Explain that the purpose of the meeting is to discuss "what are we here for?" Voluntarily provocative, this will increase your team's interest in the meeting.


Present the impact of the company on the world

Write on a slide the mission of your company and explain it to your team.

If you find yourself not knowing what to communicate to your employees to inform them of the company's impact, you should take this point up with your hierarchy to clarify the point. 

The impact you talk about doesn't have to be huge, it may just be a value added such as: "we allow families who are separated in the world to be able to communicate by video" (Skype). Or even: "people who fly are allowed to earn money with their car during this time" (TravelerCar).

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