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Introduce employee perks that strengthen your company values

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Dernière mise à jour : 26 juillet 2018

How do we maximize our employees' happiness, as well as their productivity, all the while creating a great work environment that aligns with our company values?

According to, 100% of Front's employees say their workplace is great (based on 64 employee surveys made in July 2018). What are the perks they offer their employees to create a great work environment?


Hand out "cookies" to reward behaviors that exemplify the company's values

Each month, each Front employee has 200 "cookies" to hand out to their colleagues when they see them doing an action that exemplifies the company's core values (transparency, collaboration, care, high standards and low ego). This is a little game to encourage employees perform such actions. Employees award the number of cookies they feel each action deserves (for example, someone might receive 10 cookies for ordering or cleaning up a common area, or 20 cookies for helping out a new employee). Employees use Slack to share the recognition with everyone else and other coworkers can decide to award more cookies to that person. Finally, employees can exchange the cookies they have collected for cash, gifts, non-profit donations, etc.


Employees can go up to the CEO to chat once every other week

Every other week, Front's CEO, Mathilde Collin, makes herself available to anyone who wants to talk to her. She calls these "Mathilde is free to chat" hours, and anyone can go up to her to ask her whatever they want. She'll listen to employees' suggestions and try to put them into action or explain why she won't, in case she believes it's not beneficial for the company. This is a way to ensure openness and transparency, two of Front's core values.


Regularly sit down with your employees to discuss their happiness at work

Every month, leaders at Front sit down with each of their employees individually in order to talk about what makes them feel happy/fulfilled at their jobs and what makes them feel less happy. They talk about what could be made to make their experience at Front better. This reinforces the value of "care".


Plan a multi-day trip twice per year

The entire Front team goes on a multi-day trip twice per year. This is a good way for employees to interact and get to know better coworkers from a department different than their own.


Encourage new employees to build LEGOs together

This is a fun way of encouraging new employees to talk and get to know each other.


Encourage the practice of "radical candor" to correct mistakes

Radical candor (frankness) is a practice they use at Front that consists of challenging coworkers directly to improve at something or to correct a mistake they commit regularly, but doing so in a friendly manner, showing they care personally. For instance, if someone notices a colleague overuses saying "like" or "um" in their presentations, he or she is encouraged to carefully point this out and explain how this could be solved. Front teaches its new employees how to use radical candor properly.


Stumble of the week

Each week, during the company's "All Hands" meeting, employees of all levels (including the CEO) are encouraged to share the mistakes they have made during the week. This is a good way of teaching humility and realizing we make mistakes and correcting them leads to constant improvement.


Customer care workshops

Once per week, everyone moves to the Support queue for 15 minutes in order to answer customers' questions. The Support team is there during this time to ensure the information provided to the customers is correct. This allows all employees to engage with customers and better understand their challenges and difficulties using the platform. Employees can then use this feedback to be better at their jobs during the whole week.

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