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Only hire self-motivated employees since their first week at the job

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Zappos has an obsession with delivering the best possible experience to its customers, and employees are asked to answer phone calls and talk to customers for hours. They want to constantly exceed their expectations. This is what makes working at Zappos not for everyone. People who do not resonate with this mentality will not want to work there.

Oftentimes, after their first days at their new job, candidates will know whether they feel at ease at their new company and want to continue working there or not. But backing out is not usually an option, or a costly one.

Zappos' CEO came up with a solution to avoid hiring workers who do not resonate with the company culture: offering them money if they don't want to take the job and work for the company in the long term.

Zappos believe that what distinguishes them as a company is their ability to deliver the best customer service. And their employees, their people, are responsible for this. So in order to do this, they have to hire engaging, driven people. Those who do not have this attitude will be detrimental to the company's success, so Zappos prefers to pay them to leave.


Offer a four-week training period to your new hires

After being selected, new hires begin a four-week training period to learn everything they need to know regarding their new job and the company culture. The most crucial aspect of Zappos' company culture is its obsession with delivering great customer service.

The new employees that take part in this training program get paid their full salary.


At the end of their first week, make them "The Offer"

After the new employees' first week at the company is over, Zappos offers them $2,000 dollars, in addition to paying them for the time they've worked, to quit the job immediately.

Zappos argues that those who are willing to take the money and leave don't have the commitment they are looking for in their employees. They want to find out as soon as possible whether the new hire fits in the company culture or not, whether he or she is motivated enough to work in the company or not. They'd rather find out quickly than having to deal with an unhappy, unproductive worker after years in the company.

About 10-15% of the new employees accept the money every year.


Increase the amount of "The Offer" as the company grows

Zappos started out paying $100 to its new employees to quit. Then the offer grew to $500, $1000, $2000...

The more the company grows, the harder it is to keep the company culture strong. In Zappos' case, it's its obsession with customers, which could easily fade away if they hired too many people who do not share this obsession to deliver the best customer service.

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