Offer perks and benefits that inspire employees

Created by : LinkedIn
Last update : August 20, 2018


Human capital is one of the most important drivers of competitive advantage in a company. Thus, keeping employees happy, motivated and inspired is crucial for every company. Happy workers are productive workers. However, oftentimes having only monetary incentives is not enough.


LinkedIn is aware of the importance of having employee perks and benefits that go past monetary incentives in order to keep their employees inspired and motivated to work in the company. Here is what they do to accomplish this:



Schedule meetings with the CEO twice per month

Every two weeks, all employees are free to ask questions to LinkedIn's executives and CEO, who are available for one hour. They are able to chat and share information about the company. During the meetings, LinkedIn's CEO occasionally surprises his employees with gifts. The key here is having a fun atmosphere where employees can treat executives like coworkers.


Bring in word-class speakers to inspire your employees

LinkedIn's Speaker Series is available not only to its employees, but also to everyone who wants to listen to the speeches via LinkedIn's YouTube channel. Speakers with diverse backgrounds and personalities are brought in up to 3 times per month.


LinkedIn met en relation des professionnels du monde entier pour les rendre plus performants et productifs
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