Design an onboarding program that sets employees up for success

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Last update : July 19, 2018


Onboarding is one of the most crucial aspects of Human Resources Management. First impressions are always important, and it is no different when it comes to a new employee's first impressions on their new employer, as it can have a big impact on his or her future performance. Indeed, employees' first days, weeks and months in their new company are key not only for their integration in the company, but also for them to feel motivated and achieve their maximum productivity as fast as possible.


Having a good onboarding program should result in higher employee engagement and employee retention. It should also help the company attract top performers. LinkedIn has a system in place to achieve just this.



Inform well the new employee before the first day

New employees want to know everything in advance before their first day: what clothes they should wear, what will their workplace look like, etc. This is why LinkedIn sends their new hires an interactive PDF document with all the details they want to know before their first day at the job. This makes new employees feel like they are already part of the team and it also reduces the stress that inevitably comes with taking on a new job in a new company.


Take special care of the new employees and make them feel at home on their first day

It is the onboarding team's responsibility to make new employees feel at home from the moment they enter the building. On Day 1, every employee receives all the tools they need for the job: their laptop, their badge, etc. Then they are informed about their benefits and perks - LinkedIn invests a lot of money on employee perks and benefits, so they have to understand what is available to them so that they can benefit from them. Finally, they get to know more about the details regarding their new job.


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