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Plan an amazing corporate Family Fun Day

Dernière mise à jour : 17 juillet 2018

Oftentimes, employers don't really know who their employees are outside of their workplace. It is even more common that employers have never met their employees' family and loved ones, and vice versa. When this is the case, company leaders and managers tend to be less considerate with their workers: as they don't know much about their personal lives, they will not consider that their families might be waiting for them before asking them to stay some extra hours at the office. All in all, when managers/company leaders and employees never get to know each other on a personal level, it can result in a poor working environment where employees do not feel motivated or supported by the direction.

A corporate Family Fun Day is a great way of bonding with your employees and promoting team building. It's not just about having a great time together, it's also about getting to know each other's loved ones and connecting on a personal level. This will only lead to a healthier working environment that your employees will want to be a part of. Needless to say, it's important that your employees feel like you care about them. After hosting a Family Fun Day, you will feel there is a renewed energy at the office.

Planning a Family Fun Day has two main challenges: sticking to the budget and ensuring everyone has a great time. By following these steps, you have a great shot at ticking both boxes.


Choose a proven venue that is suitable for all ages

Organizing a Family Fun Day is hard enough already, so don't try to invent your own venue. The venue should be experienced at hosting families and it should be a safe place for everyone, especially for children. If you don't have to worry about this yourself, you can avoid unnecessary stress and enjoy the day as well.

Aquariums, zoos, attractions and theme parks are some good examples. To make it suitable for everyone, if there were attraction guides you can ask them to adapt their talks to both kids and adults, so that they can all learn and have fun. In addition, keep in mind that it should be a venue with mobility and pram access.


Ensure an easy arrival and offer a warm welcome

Before the start of the event, make sure that everyone knows how to get to the venue, so that nobody gets left behind. Also before the event, hand out wristbands to everyone in order to avoid the queues for the general public.


Provide plenty of food for everyone

This is a big part of the Family Fun Day. It should offer food that suits all tastes and ages. Apart from the main meals, you can make kids feel extra happy by offering ice cream or sweets, as well as beer or wine for the adults. You should book an area separated from the general public so that everyone can interact easily.


Offer an exclusive experience to your guests

Offering an exclusive experience that they could not receive by being part of the general public is something that your guests will truly appreciate. To this end, Merlin Entertainments offer VIP tours, animal encounters, masterclasses for adults or discovery classes for the kids.


Plan ahead in case there is bad weather

For outdoor events, planning ahead for bad weather is a must. You never want to cancel the event right before it happens just because the weather is bad. One way of dealing with this is by having umbrellas (you could personalize them with your company brand/logo) ready for everyone in case rain is expected that day. Even if rain is expected, make sure your guests know the event can take place anyway. Or you could simply choose a venue with a roof.


Make the event flexible for families

All families have different compromises and schedules, so making the event last all day is a good idea so that each family can go whenever they want to and stay for as long as they want. In addition, you can ask for the lunch service to offer food for a span of 3 hours. This way, families don't feel the pressure to be there at a specific time and can go whenever is best for them. 


Consider handing out gift bags at the end

Kids love gift bags and it also contributes to branding. You can hand out bags with different gifts to suit all age groups: children, teenagers, adults.

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