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Decide whether to hire a candidate or not by using a trial week

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Dernière mise à jour : 9 juillet 2018

It is not easy to determine whether a candidate will be a good worker or not just from a job interview. Making a good first impression on an interview doesn't mean that the candidate is going to be successful at his or her job.

Before getting a job at Weebly, a candidate must go through a trial week working at the company. After the trial week, the decision to hire the candidate or not is made.

This way, Weebly is able to gather a lot of data on a particular employee and find people that are ideal for the job opening even though they struggle with interviews. The goal is not to find the people who are the best interviewers, but to find the best workers.


Begin a standard hiring process

Identify your preferred candidate.


Invite the top candidate to work for a trial week

This is the point where a candidate would get a job offer in a traditional hiring process, but at Weebly this is not how it works. Weebly asks their top candidate or candidates for the job to work for a trial week, for which they will get paid. The candidates that are unable to work for the proposed week can do so whenever it fits their schedule.

At the beginning of the trial week, candidates are asked to work on a project that fits their expertise. At the end of the trial week, on Friday, candidates are asked to present their project to a small group.


Evaluate the candidate after the trial week is complete

Once the project presentation is done, it's decision time. 75% of the candidates that go through the trial week receive an offer for Weebly. The remaining 25% do not receive an offer because they are not good performers or because they do not fit in well with the company's values.

According to Weebly's CEO David Rusenko: "Assholes can hide it in interviews, but for whatever reason, they cannot hide it for a whole week. I don't know why, but it all comes out within a week."

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