How to implement a flexible public holiday policy that embraces multiple nationalities, religions and beliefs

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Big multinational companies can have employees from all over the World. Obviously, their employees have different nationalities, religion and beliefs. Some employees may feel that their religion or beliefs do not match with the public holiday schedule of the country they are working in.


To solve this issue for their employees, Spotify implements what they call "Flexible Public Holidays". According to Spotify, this is how the process works: "Work on a holiday, report it in the HR system as a worked Flexible Public Holiday day. Then take your day off and report it as a Flexible Public Holiday day off." The end result is that the amount of time worked by the employee doesn't vary, so it doesn't have any cost for the company.



Let employees make a day-off trade

Employees have the choice to work on a day that is listed as a public holiday in the country they work in, and in exchange they can choose another day that a priori should be a working day and make it a holiday for them. The goal of this is to let the employees have the freedom to take a day off work in the day or days that they really want to celebrate due to their religion, beliefs and ideals.


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