Implement an unlimited vacation policy

Created by : Netflix
Last update : July 4, 2018


Many companies can't effectively track how many hours per week their employees are working: they might work at their workplace during the day, later login to their computers to work some extra time at home at night, get some work done on weekends, answer to work-related emails or text messages throughout the day, while also taking an occasional afternoon off if they have something to take care of. In these cases, where the company isn't keeping track of the number of hours worked by each employee each day, it is not coherent to keep track of the number of holidays they take each year. In other words, for a company that doesn't have a fixed number of working hours for its employees, it might not make sense to have a fixed number of vacation days per year.


In the light of this dilemma, some companies have opted to carry out an unlimited vacation policy. The first one to do so was Netflix, and others include Virgin, Linkedin and Crimson Hexagon. It can also be said that there simply is no vacation policy at all. Here is how it works:



Let your employees go on vacation whenever they want

This is the key principle of unlimited vacation. Employees have the freedom to go on vacation whenever they want, wherever they want, for as long as they want.


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