How to promote employees' growth as individuals

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Developing your own employees internally is just as important as hiring the best employees, or even more so. Having a good working environment which facilitates the development of the people that work there is one of the keys to the company's success, but failure to do so can lead to the stagnation of the company.


Spotify focuses on fomenting its employees' growth because they believe that this, in turn, will facilitate the growth of the company as a whole. It's about ensuring people grow in a way that helps both them and the company.



Instill a growth mindset in your employees

The first step towards growing as an individual is believing that you can do so. The only people that achieve personal development are those that believe in it. If you believe that your efforts to learn and improve are to no avail, you will not be motivated to put any effort into what you do and, indeed, they will be to no avail.

Spotify trains their employees to adopt a "growth" mindset, where they believe that they will improve at whatever they do if they practice, instead of a "fixed" mindset, where they think that intelligence is something that cannot be changed.

Here are some things Spotify does to foster growth mindsets:

  • Giving more importance to effort and training than to being smart and not taking any risks.
  • Trying to keep an environment where it's safe to fail, i.e., embracing failure and minimizing its impact when it does happen.
  • Reminding employees that it's OK to fail. When they fail, they must learn from it and move on.
  • Spotify wants creative employees, and employees that are scared of failing are not creative.
  • Setting the example: in his speech to welcome new employees, Spotify's CEO talks about some of his failures and what he learned from them.


Encourage mastery, autonomy and purpose

These should be the employees' ultimate goals. In order for people to grow, they need autonomy. They need room to grow, make mistakes and learn from them. Spotify wants its employees to work in an environment where mastery, autonomy and purpose are achievable.


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