How to choose the right people to hire

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Every company should aim to hire the best people they can. Hiring great employees will lead to better results for a company, but hiring average or bad employees will not help a company reach its goals. In spite of the importance of this process in the success of a company, it is often hard to identify the best people to hire.


Valve follows a pre-established criteria to hire their employees, which focuses on the following: skill level/technical ability, productivity/output, group contribution, product contribution, and the ability to collaborate.



Ask yourself several key questions regarding each candidate

Would I want this person to be my boss? Does this person have a good deal of qualities/knowledge that I could learn from? What would happen if this candidate worked for our competitors?


Look for "T-shaped" people

"T-shaped" people are those that are knowledgeable in a wide range of areas, and also experts in their field in a narrow discipline. The horizontal bar of the T refers to general knowledge and soft skills, while the vertical bar of the T refers to technical hard skills. Thus, a "T-shaped" person is one that successfully combines both of these.


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