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Choose the right people to hire

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Every company should aim to hire the best people they can. Hiring great employees will lead to better results for a company, but hiring average or bad employees will not help a company reach its goals. In spite of the importance of this process in the success of a company, it is often hard to identify the best people to hire.

Valve follows a pre-established criteria to hire their employees, which focuses on the following: skill level/technical ability, productivity/output, group contribution, product contribution, and the ability to collaborate.


Ask yourself several key questions regarding each candidate

Would I want this person to be my boss? Does this person have a good deal of qualities/knowledge that I could learn from? What would happen if this candidate worked for our competitors?


Look for "T-shaped" people

"T-shaped" people are those that are knowledgeable in a wide range of areas, and also experts in their field in a narrow discipline. The horizontal bar of the T refers to general knowledge and soft skills, while the vertical bar of the T refers to technical hard skills. Thus, a "T-shaped" person is one that successfully combines both of these.


Look for people that are more capable than you

The bar should always be set high when it comes to hiring. You should never hire someone who doesn't reach your standards just because there is a need to hire someone. If there's a pressing need, it's better to bring in someone on a temporary contract instead of hiring an employee.

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