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Define and improve role definitions

Dernière mise à jour : 8 juin 2018

Morning Star is a low margin commodity (tomato processing) company, the goal of the game here is not flexibility, but continuous improvement to increase efficiency by an extra one or two percentage points.

In this context, Morning Star had to find a practice to define and upgrade roles with great granularity to increase performance.

As a part of your CLOU (Colleague Letter of Understanding), you write a "Personal Mission Statement" and state all the roles you commit yourself.


List of roles in the CLOU

Each year everyone takes between 20 and 60 minutes to negotiate agreements called CLOU (Colleague Letter of Understanding) with colleagues with whom they are most in touch in the execution of their mission.

As a colleague of Morning Star, you write a personal mission statement and state all the roles you commit yourself to fulfill in a document called Colleague Letter of Understanding (or simply CLOU). 

The roles at Morning Star are very specifically defined, so you can have 20 or 30 different roles (one can be the receiver of the tomatoes at the unloading station, another can be the trainer of the seasonal whole peel sorters). 


Description of each of your roles

For each role, you have to specify:

  • An operational description of your role
  • Authority you think you should have (act, recommend, decide or a combination of two) 
  • A list of "SteppingStones" indicators that will help you understand if you are doing a good job
Morning Star Company
Fabricant de produits à base de tomates.
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