How to manage individual performance

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Morning Star is a low margin commodity (tomato processing) company, the goal of the game here is not flexibility, but continuous improvement to increase efficiency by an extra one or two percentage points.


In this context, we define individual roles with great granularity to monitor performance indicators very closely.

Morning Star's individual performance management is based on the concept of agreements called CLOU (Colleague Letter of Understanding) negotiated with the colleagues with whom you are most in contact in the execution of your mission.



Definition of CLOUs with colleagues

Each year everyone takes between 20 and 60 minutes to negotiate agreements called CLOU (Colleague Letter of Understanding) with colleagues with whom they are most in touch in the execution of their mission.

Each CLOU has:

  • A list of colleagues with whom you interact,
  • A description of your Personal Commercial Mission
  • The resources needed for your mission 
  • Your commitment to working hours
  • List of special projects in which you are involved
  • A list of short-term objectives / plans to be achieved
  • A list of long-term objectives / plans to be achieved
  • A list of "SteppingStones": Commitment to concrete objectives, quantified and measured throughout the year
  • Education and training objectives
  • Required skills

A total of 3000 CLOUs are signed each year throughout the company.

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