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Manage collective performance

Dernière mise à jour : 8 juin 2018

How to measure performance in an organization where teams do not do comparable work? Teams involved in tomato sorting, steam generation or packaging teams do not share measures that would help them compare themselves.

We have developed a team feedback process for cases where the work performed cannot be easily compared. The practice is presented in two stages and at two scales (business unit and company) in the form of annual self-assessment presentations to other colleagues.


Internal evaluation within a business unit

Each year in January, the members of the business unit present a self-assessment to a group of colleagues, composed of Chris Rufer (the founder and president) and all those who wish to join. Members are expected to speak frankly on the following topics over the past year:

  • What went well in the previous year,
  • What did not go well during the previous year,
  • The efficiency with which they used the company's resources
  • What they plan to do in the coming year.

This is not a superficial effort; each presentation lasts a few hours, and members can expect difficult, sometimes grating questions from their colleagues.

During the month, all business units make presentations; teams that did not perform well received a lot of feedback from their peers and know they have homework to do.


Evaluation between business units during the annual budget

A month later, in February, the entire company met for a two-day retreat at a resort near Monterrey, California. The business units must again make a short 20-minute presentation. This time, it happens in front of the other Business Units, with Q&A 10-minute session.

At the end of each unit's plan presentation, teams can invest virtual money in the most promising strategies. Units that do not receive much investment know that they have not convinced and that they will be under observation. So no validation, or veto, only inter-influence.

Morning Star people find this information sharing session between business units essential to keep people informed of what is happening in other units, to ensure that everyone's plans benefit from each other's ideas, and to challenge teams to achieve the following goals.

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