Resolve conflict with a collaborative approach

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Last update : June 8, 2018


Human conflict are a natural and necessary aspect of life, in particular in the pursuit of excellence.

We face differences from how we answer the phone, the type of oil in a gearbox, the equipment to buy to improve operations, whether we follow our principles or whether we advance our mission, how a person cut their hair...


To reach an agreement and move forward, we agree to use the following process called "Direct Communication and Gaining Agreement", which assists the parties in reaching an agreement. Mediators may be called upon to provide support, but they cannot impose a resolution from above.

In attempting to resolve disputes, the following elements must be carefully considered:

  1. Our mission and any specific objectives;
  2. The relevant facts, assumptions and values
  3. The method used to determine the appropriate direction. Other action plans, by mutual agreement between the colleagues concerned, are encouraged; however, either party has the possibility to require that the above measures be taken at their request.

To gain agreement and move forward, we agree to utilize the following process:



Resolution between colleagues

When one Colleague perceives a difference with another, we agree to privately engage with the other Colleague as soon as practical and attempt to resolve any differences to our mutual satisfaction.

As a general rule, we will not discuss such matters with other Colleagues. However, if a colleague feels uneasy directly discussing a matter regarding another Colleague, then they should to go to another Colleague to discuss alternatives for solving the issue, keeping in mind that confidence should be maintained with their chosen ombudsman (people in charged with representing the interests of the company).


Mediation with a third Colleague.

If either of the Colleagues do not feel the matter has been resolved to their satisfaction, then both of them agree to engage one other Colleague as soon as practical and attempt to resolve any differences to their mutual satisfaction with the help of the third Colleague.

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