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Run a fulfilling performance interview

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How can we transform an annual meeting into a true moment of introspection, benevolence and joint celebration?

Too often, appraisal destroys human spirit and, in the span of a 30-minute meeting, can transform a vibrant, highly committed employee into a demoralized, indifferent wallflower who reads the want ads on the weekend. ... They don’t work because most performance appraisal systems are a form of judgment and control.

How can we switch performance meeting from a perspective of fear, judgment, and separation to one of love, acceptance, and connection?

We design our annual interview to combine benevolence and a position of love, subjective speech and qualitative questioning for employee.

The performance evaluation interview is conducted with all members of his team and is structured in three stages:


Employee shares his/her own performance and aspirations

As an employee, you reflect and share your own performance and aspirations based on a list of questions to trigger the thinking.


One minute of silence to connect

The team share a minute of silence during which colleagues close their eyes and try to hold the employee in their heart, to let go of any form of judgment and offer feedback from a place of love and connection.


Colleagues add to that picture by giving employee feedback

One after the other, each colleague (typically six to 12 people, including people from other teams who work closely with you) takes the seat in front of you and gives you the gift of answering two questions:

  • “What is the one thing I most value about working with you?”
  • “What is one area where I sense you could change and grow”?

The experience at Sounds True is that people feel held very lovingly in the process, and tears of gratitude for being so deeply understood are not unusual. 


Give the notes with all feedbacks written on it

A note-taker transcribes the answers to the questions from your colleagues on a large piece of paper that he hands over to you when the round is done.

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