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Run friendly annual performance session

Dernière mise à jour : 8 juin 2018


When the Center for Courage & Renewal exceeded 10 people, we felt the need to introduce annual performance discussions. The team did not want to fall into the usual practice of rating members using a rating scale on certain performance criteria.

The Center for Courage & Renewal has therefore simply formulated a questioning system. This practice transformed the evaluation into a moment of joint exploration with the group or leader. Here the steps and questions of our performance session.



A time to congratulate

  • What has gone really well this year that we might celebrate?


A time to learn

  • What has been learned in the process?
  • What didn’t go as well or might have been done differently?
  • How do we “take stock” of where things are now compared to where we thought they might be?


A time to look forward

  • What are you most excited about in this next year?
  • What concerns you most?
  • What changes, if any, would you suggest in your functions?
  • What ongoing professional development will help you to grow in your current job and for your future?
  • How can I be of most help to you and your work?


A time to set goals

  • When you think about your work in the year ahead, what specific goals will guide you?

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