Make decision with no managers

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Last update : June 8, 2018


Our team has to resolved an important issues in a meeting. With no boss in the room, no one can call the shots or make the final call. 


At Buurtzorg, we use a very precise and efficient method for joint problem solving and decision-making named "Solution-Driven Methods of Interaction" developed by Ben Wenting and Astrid Vermeer from the Institute for Samenwerkingsvraagstukken based in Netherlands.



Select a facilitator for the meeting

The meeting begins by naming a facilitator for the meeting.

The agenda of topics to be discussed is put together on the spot, based on what is present for team members at that moment in time. The agenda is discussed and set immediately on the basis of what is proposed by the team members present.

The facilitator should say nothing, suggest nothing or decide anything. He can only ask 2 questions: "What is your proposal? or "What is the purpose of your proposal?" All proposals are listed on a table.


Refine the different solutions

The topics are then addressed one by one. Proposals are reviewed and refined by the group.


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