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Set a conflict resolution process at work

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Conflict in the workplace is unavoidable. It will find you whether you look for it. For example, someone breaches the company values and lost the group's trust. The group is now facing an open interpersonal conflict. How to deal with this situation?

At buurtzorg, we set a shared conflict resolution process for company. The company trains all its members in interpersonal skills to enable them to manage conflict gracefully. It helps increase chance of success of this process.

In general, during the first weeks of work, new employees receive basic training: self-management, Active listening, constructive conflict management and how to build a safe environment with the team. The company train their colleagues with practices from Non-Violent Communication developed by Marshall Rosenberg.


Mediation team meeting

The team sets a meeting to find a solution that works for everyone.


Mediation meeting with the regional coach

If stage 1 has failed, the team calls on its regional coach or an external facilitator.

The presence of a mediator brings resolution. In almost all cases, the presence of a mediator brings resolution. The presence of a third party helps all members to step back. Following the discussions, the person and the team make mutual commitments and give each other a second chance.


Mediation meeting with the founder

If step 2 has failed, the team calls on the founder Jos de Blok. He helps the team find a solution that works for everyone.


Legal termination of contract

If stage 3 fails, the team asks Jos de Blok to put an end to the person’s contract. From a legal perspective, Jos de Blok is the only one who can do it.

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