How to boost positive emotions at work

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Once you've got rid of those little (or big) things that were ruining your employees' lives, it's time to enchant them!


The idea is quite simple; we are not talking here about the big company seminar or about things that are very expensive or complex to set up, but rather about small pleasant moments, small attentions or small unifying events.

Careful, the last thing to do is to decide for yourself what will make your employees "happy" and to set it up without asking them their opinion... Don't forget that having a manager who listens and understands is one of the first sources of satisfaction for an employee.



Define the sources of positive emotions

Thanks to your internal communication tool, you will be able to detect certain sources of positive emotions or survey your collaborators.

Indeed, do not hesitate to "share" an idea to get their opinion. You can also open a "suggestion box" channel to make room for proposals.

Ideally, talk about it and listen. The sources of positive emotions can be extremely wide and be linked with work (for example working remotely one day per week), team cohesion (organize an evening games each month) or well-being (sport, massage, gardening).

Anyway, before putting something in place always make sure that it wins the support of all. Small bonus: saying "hello" every day, being grateful, knowing how to congratulate, being accessible, caring and understanding are all positive emotional attitudes for your employees 😉


Set up these little extras

You may not be able to set up everything yourself or alone. In case this is not your responsibility, same principle as for negative emotions: follow up!

If you need backup, ask your staff for help: it is for them and they will probably be happy to help you.


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