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Use communication tool for wellbeing

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Dernière mise à jour : 8 juin 2018

More and more tools are available to assess employees happiness and wellbeing on a daily or weekly basis, but few can identify real operational levers.

Here how we implemented and used our communication tool to identify the levers to increase happiness and wellbeing among our team


Choose a powerful communication tool

You probably already have an internal communication tool in your company. If you find it sufficiently powerful, and that you can adapt it for restricted exchanges. Use it. It is often counterproductive to multiply the tools.

Otherwise, choose Slack. It's a free and easy to use communication app.


Create your profile and your team

Once you have downloaded Slack, you will need to register, create your team and familiarize yourself with the tool by following the tutorial.


Make basic channels your own

When opening Slack, there are by default 2 channels :

  • General: that you will keep as the main communication channel. By default, all new members are registered. This is the preferred channel to pass important information to your team (meeting, report, new client...) You can customize its description: "Find and share what is the most valuable for the team here" for example.

  • Random: which concerns all exchanges that are not directly related to work (jokes, classified ads, etc.) I invite you to rename it as "bistro" or something that evokes a place of informal exchange and add a description such as: "you can talk about anything, exchange tips, suggestions, gifs, etc.".

Create new channels

I invite you to create a third channel named #ComplaintsDesk or #ItShouldBeBetterIf which will be entirely dedicated to "rant" of any kind with a description of this type: "space of suggestions, rant, and other diverse and beautiful complaints... let it go )".

You can create others, you can also give hand to your coworkers in order they customize tool based on their topics of interest and daily practices (music, sport, fooding, outings...).


Invite your coworkers

That's it, your communication tool is configured!

It is now time to use it. Invite everyone on your team to do it. I invite you to organize a workshop during which you will briefly present the new tool, do the registration process step by step with everyone, present the functioning, your expectations and the interest for the team and for everyone (talk about the possibilities of direct messages and private conversations with several).


Bring communication to life

Regularly post information on slack, reply to direct messages, create new channels... In short, use it to make it automatic for everyone! The tool could become a strong place of exchanges for your team and great feedback tool for you.

Be careful, a tool does not replace an attentive and caring daily listening.

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