Use communication tool for wellbeing

Created by : Makiba
Last update : June 8, 2018


More and more tools are available to assess employees happiness and wellbeing on a daily or weekly basis, but few can identify real operational levers.


Here how we implemented and used our communication tool to identify the levers to increase happiness and wellbeing among our team



Choose a powerful communication tool

You probably already have an internal communication tool in your company. If you find it sufficiently powerful, and that you can adapt it for restricted exchanges. Use it. It is often counterproductive to multiply the tools.

Otherwise, choose Slack. It's a free and easy to use communication app.


Create your profile and your team

Once you have downloaded Slack, you will need to register, create your team and familiarize yourself with the tool by following the tutorial.


Développe des pratiques autour du bien-être et de la conception de nouveaux espaces de travail
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