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Assess quality of the onboarding process

Crée par : Makiba
Bibliothèque : Makiba (publique)
Catégorie : Intégration
Dernière mise à jour : 8 juin 2018

We love improve and make thing work better at Makiba. So we asked ourself how we ca evaluate the quality of the integration process.

Evaluation of the onboarding will be spread over the months following the integration of the new employee. It should be both quantitative and qualitative, and aims to assess both individuals and process quality.

The objective is to optimize the process to support fastest employee commitment and high-valuable company's reputation.


Evaluate continuously with the Integration Plan

This is to ensure that the integration process follows its course.

Regular discussions and progress updates allow you to answer questions from the employee or identify any needs.


Schedule a Discovery Report Session

It is the moment when the collaborator can express himself freely on what surprised him in your organization, team, or content that was presented to him/her.

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