Manage the first day of a new employee

Created by : Makiba
Category : Onboarding
Last update : June 8, 2018


We wanted the best onboarding process we could offer to new employees. First day should be a great experience for both managers and new employee.


Here how we design the first day in our organization and advice we're giving to leaders. It will set the overall quality of the onboarding process.



Free up some time!

The most important thing for the first day of your new employee is your availability. As its manager, you are the "onboarding leader".


Take care of the reception

Take the time to welcome and show the new hire, have a coffee and organize a workspace visit session. In a nutshells: build a environment of share, trust and kindness.

Be careful, even if your company offers an onboarding session, don't forget to run a personal onboarding session! 

On the other hand, prioritize the information: during first days, a lot of information are coming to the new hire. At first, share data about the job itself so that the hire can be quickly operational. What concerns the company, its history, its culture, etc. will be shared in a second time.


Développe des pratiques autour du bien-être et de la conception de nouveaux espaces de travail
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