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Manage the first day of a new employee

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We wanted the best onboarding process we could offer to new employees. First day should be a great experience for both managers and new employee.

Here how we design the first day in our organization and advice we're giving to leaders. It will set the overall quality of the onboarding process.


Free up some time!

The most important thing for the first day of your new employee is your availability. As its manager, you are the "onboarding leader".


Take care of the reception

Take the time to welcome and show the new hire, have a coffee and organize a workspace visit session. In a nutshells: build a environment of share, trust and kindness.

Be careful, even if your company offers an onboarding session, don't forget to run a personal onboarding session! 

On the other hand, prioritize the information: during first days, a lot of information are coming to the new hire. At first, share data about the job itself so that the hire can be quickly operational. What concerns the company, its history, its culture, etc. will be shared in a second time.


Follow the schedule

(Refer to Step 3 of Pre-onboarding process) You have prepared it then follow it 😃


Run the integration interview

It is a formal time where you will set the framework, the basis of your collaboration:

  • Listen and empathize.
  • Share about administrative documents 
  • Remind and present the mission: what are his/her objectives, your expectations, the organization (team meeting, individual...), tools and so on.
  • Review the integration process and set clear objectives with regular steps, meetings and reviews. This will be the basis for mutual evaluation and exchange.

Introduce the new employee to the team

Schedule a meeting to make formal presentations with the whole team and each of its members (the roles / missions of each, support people, habits, rites, organization)

It's also the occasion to introduce the tutor/mentor.

In addition to this meeting, organize a friendly welcome, for example a lunch with the whole team (ideal during the first day).


Give the employee his first tasks

Save time and get your new hire up and running right away, give him the schedule for the first week: tasks, appointments, training sessions, collective integration, etc.

Schedule an individual meeting at the end of the week to make an initial assessment, but remain available if necessary. Now he has everything he needs to get started 😃

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