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Make new employee's first day a huge success

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How we make new employee's first day a huge success ? Boost motivation? Make him/her feel part of the team? Here our solution to put their concerns at ease before first day on the job.

Here our internal process to:

  • Minimize the negative stress associated with the unknown of the first day
  • Put the employee in a positive state of mind
  • Moderate the information flow to the new hire
  • Inform your team 

The step 4 of this process is completed at least one week before the arrival date.


Get your company's welcome booklet

Welcome Booklet is a global presentation of your company for new employees. Generally available from HR or Internal Com. If it doesn't exist, ask for its design!

It is an essential tool for the successful integration of new employees.


Prepare a team presentation

A document that gives information about all the members of your team (their photo, their name, their role/mission and why some more personal information about their hobbies?)


Prepare the Welcome Day

Prepare the schedule for the day:

  • Arrival time and location of the first contact
  • Visit of the office
  • Presentation of important contacts: Do not forget to present the 3 categories of contacts: administrative services, coworkers of the new hire, and key resource people for his/her role.
  • Integration interview: In France, this is a formal moment when you will set the framework, the way of working about your collaboration.
  • Presentation to the team 
  • First task / mission

Send an e-mail to the future employee

This email will simply contain the information obtained during actions 1, 2 and 3 so that he/she can begin to put concerns at ease before first day on the job. The hire can find in this email:

  • a welcome booklet that will introduce him to the company,
  • some information about his new team,
  • Details about his/her first day (location and time of the first contact, the day's programme)

Get your team ready

  • Remind the why of his/her mission to team.

  • Briefly introduce the new employee: his/her photo, some information (pro and personal) about him/her.

  • Designate (on a voluntary basis!) a mentor/referee: A colleague with no hierarchical relationship who can help him make him/her confortable in the job.

  • Plan with the team a friendly welcome: A lunch together the first day? An afterwork drink? Breakfast on his second day? Our idea is to think outside the professional context to quickly care about the personal and build trust. (

  • Remember also to share the news with your customers, partners or any other people who could deal with the new hire.

Prepare the workstation

Everything must be ready before the new employee arrives:

  • Computers/Tablets (web access, login, mailbox, access to the team's shared folders, etc.)
  • Badge or keys,
  • Employment contract, and other administrative documents 
  • Mobile and phone line
  • Business cards, etc.

In this way, the new employee can be quickly operational and be a part of the team as soon as he arrives.

Little extra: If this is in line with your company's culture, you will have prepared a "welcome package" with some goodies (cup, pen, t-shirt, notebook...) bearing the company's logo. Nothing better to give a feeling of belonging than to offer these small items ;)

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