How to write a job description

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The job description is often the first thing a job candidate will see from your organization. Every word in your job offer sends a signal about your company. The job description tells to the world what your culture looks like, what your goals are and why you are a great place to work.

How to leave the candidate eager to know more, but feeling informed? How to sell your business without looking like you're selling too much?


Google focuses job description content on four categories: domain, role, responsibilities and professional qualifications. Studies of internal and external Google users have shown that it is best to start at a high level (what is it?) and come to the details (what does a person do in this role every day?). For example, if Google were hiring for a software engineer position, the job description would be as follows:

Once the hiring team has a plan in place, the team discusses with the hiring manager, teammates and anyone else who can help explain the role, expectations and how it relates to the organization as a whole. 

Some tips : 

  • Write the role of the position in the second person and in a conversational tone to "talk" to the candidate (use "You", "You", "You will", etc.). 
  • Use action verbs such as "plan", "build" and "solve" instead of "plan", "build" and "resolve" to describe job expectations.
  • Use objective descriptors (e.g. "budget management experience" or "patent litigation experience") that are concrete. The use of terms such as "technical writing expert" is not objective since the term "expert" is not defined.
  • Avoid asking the recipient questions.
  • Avoid jargon and acronyms.



Recall the purpose of the organization

Highlight the mission and purpose of the organization. In case our case : "Our mission at Google is to...").


Define the role of the candidate

Write a few sentences that directly address the candidate (“You will be at the heart of Google’s engineering process building software that empowers engineering teams to develop and deliver high-quality mobile apps and services. ...”) and share the daily functions of the position.

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